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Irina A. Ganieeva
Editorial Board Member
Dr. Sci. (Eco.), Associate Professor, Research and Academic Centre “Kuzbass”

Place of work: Research and Academic Centre “Kuzbass”
Position: Director
Address: 56, Sovetskiy Ave., Kemerovo, 665000, Russia

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Field of expertise

Economic cycles, economic growth, agricultural innovations.


Work and research experience

Editorial membership

Theoretical and scientific-practical journal “Achievements of Science and Technology of the Agricultural Industry”.

Membership in dissertational councils

Member of the Д 999.180.03 dissertational council (Economics and National Economy Management; Economic sciences), Novosibirsk State University of Agriculture (Novosibirsk, Russia).


Special scientific achievements

A digital platform for the Tambov region: concept development and implementation.

Significant publications

  1. Zen'kov IV, Ganieva IA, Androkhanov VA, Anikina YuA, Kazanskaya NN, Safronov MV, et al. Management of environmental activities in the development of open-cast iron ore deposits on the territory of Kuznetsk Alatau in Khakassia. Ecology and Industry of Russia. 2018;22(9):28–33. DOI: 10.18412/1816-0395-2018-9-28-33.
  2. Zen'kov IV, Ganieva IA, Androkhanov VA, Raevich KV, Yuronen YuP, Lukichev My, et al. Information support for remote monitoring of ecology of disturbed lands with the open development of the Irbinsky Group of iron ore deposits. Ecology and Industry of Russia. 2018;22(9):40–45. DOI: 10.18412/1816-0395-2018-9-40-45.
  3. Zen'kov IV, Ganieva IA, Lukichev MY, Vokin VN, Anischenko YA, Yuronen YP, et al. Information support for remote monitoring of disturbed lands by coal mines on the territory of the Northern and Southern Kuzbass. Ecology and Industry of Russia. 2018;22(2):34–39. DOI: 10.18412/1816-0395-2018-2-34-39.
  4. Zen'kov IV, Ganieva IA, Morin AS, Yuronen YuP, Anischenko YA, Maglinets YA, et al. Space technologies in assessing the production potential of mining operations and the ecological state of disturbed lands by Coal Mines in the Kemerovo Region. Ecology and Industry of Russia. 2018;22(2):28–33. DOI: 10.18412/1816-0395-2018-2-28-33.
  5. Ganieva IA, Churin AN, Melnikov AB, Mikhaylushkin PV, Poltarykhin AL. Development of the meat market in Russia. Espacios. 2017;38(48).
  6. Shelkovnikov SA, Kuznetsova IG, Hodos DV, Yakimova LA, Ganieva IA, Poddueva IS. Regulation of the labor market and human capital in the agriculture of the Novosibirsk Region. International Journal of Economic Research. 2016;13(9):3829–3845.
  7. Ganieva IA. Digital transformation of agriculture in Russia: consolidation of the state and agribusiness. Achievements of Science and Technology of AIC. 2019;33(4):5–7. (In Russ.). DOI: 10.24411/0235-2451-2019-10401.
  8. Ganieva I, Motorin O, Gorbachev M. Digital traceability platforms in the field of creation and promotion of agricultural products as a factor in the competitiveness of agribusinesses. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. 2019;274(1). DOI: 10.1088/1755-1315/274/1/012109.