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Andrey N. Petrov

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Workplace: All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Canned Food Technology, Branch of V.M.Gorbatov Federal Scientific Center for Food Systems, Russian Academy of Sciences
Position: Director
Address: 78, Shkolnaya Street, Vidnoe, Moscow region, 142703

Phone: +7(495)541-08-92

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Field of expertise

Machinery and technology of food preservation; preservation and processing of food products; quality and safety of products.


Work and research experience

Academic publications

270 publications (8 monographs, 46 patent licenses).

Research projects

Fundamental and applied research in the field of storage and processing of plant and animal raw materials and the creation of environmentally safe resource-saving technologies for the production of new types of canned food for gerodietetic nutrition; development of a systematic approach in combating various methods of food falsification.

Academic affiliations

Editorial membership


Significant publications

  1. Galstyan AG, Petrov AN, Illarionova EE, Semipyatniy VK., Turovskaya SN, Ryabova AE, et al. Effects of critical fluctuations of storage temperature on the quality of dry dairy product. Journal of Dairy Science. 2019;102(12):10779–10789. DOI: 10.3168/jds.2019-17229.
  2. Galstyan AG, Aksyonova LM, Lisitsyn AB, Oganesyants LA, Petrov AN. Modern approaches to storage and effective processing of agricultural products for obtaining high quality food products. Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 2019;89(2):211–213.
  3. Galstyan AG, Turovskaya SN, Ryabova AE, Illarionova EE, Semipyatniy VK, Radaeva IA, et al. Technological additives as an element of dry milk properties directed formation. News of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Series of Geology and Technical Sciences. 2019;4(436):95–102. DOI: 10.32014/2019.2518-170X.102.
  4. Petrov AN, Galstyan AG, Radaeva IA, Turovskaya SN, Illarionov EE, Semipyatniy VK, et al. Indicators of quality of canned milk: Russian and international priorities. Foods and Raw Materials. 2017;5(2):151–161. DOI: 10.21179/2308-4057-2017-2-151-161.
  5. Galstyan AG, Petrov AN, Semipyatniy VK. Theoretical backgrounds for enhancement of dry milk dissolution process: Mathematical modeling of the system ‘solid particles – liquid’. Foods and Raw Materials. 2016;4(1):102–109. DOI: 10.21179/2308-4057-2016-1-102-109.
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  10. Strizhko M, Kuznetsova A, Galstyan A, Semipyatniy V, Andrey P, Prosekov A. Development of osmotically active compositions for milk-based products with intermediate humidity. Bulletin of the International Dairy Federation. 2014;(472):35–40.
  11. Radzhabkadiev RM, Riger NA, Nikiyuk DB, Galstyan AG, Petrov AN, Evsyukova AO, et al. Comparison of the level of immunoregulatory cytokines and some anthropometric parameters of highly skilled athletes. Medical Immunology (Russia). 2018;20(1):53–60. DOI: 10.15789/1563-0625-2018-1-53-60.