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Mizanbekova S., Dr.Sci.(Econ.), Professor of the Department of Management and Organization of Agribusiness, Кazakh National Agrarian University, Salima–

Bogomolova I., Dr.Sci.(Econ.), Head of the Department of Management, Organizations Manufacturing and Industrial Economy, Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies

Shatohina N., Сand.Sci.(Econ.), Assistant of the Department of Management, Organizations Manufacturing and Industrial Economy, Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies

Year 2020 Issue 2 UDC 338.24.01
DOI 10.21603/2074-9414-2020-2-372-382
Abstract Introduction. Enterprises of the grain industry make up an important part of the domestic agro-industrial complex. They are strategically important for food security and social stability. The present research featured the prospects for the use of innovative technologies by industry management in the conditions of economy digitalization and a chaotically changing market. The theory and practice of management has proved that the main component of improving the competitiveness of flour mills is the product quality.
Study objects and methods. The research objectives were to identify dynamics of the world and Russian grain market using statistical methods; to define the role of Russia in the world production and export of grain crops and flour; to assess the trends of the competitiveness of flour-milling enterprises in the Central black earth region of the Russian Federation; to identify problems and potential opportunities for improving the quality of grain and flour products; to analyze the business processes of leading enterprises in the region.
Results and discussion. The article introduces some recommendations on the use of digital technological solutions, modern software, and electronic mobile devices (probes) on grain harvesting and processing enterprises to ensure the safety and high standards of grain. The research confirmed that functional flour products can expand sales and strengthen the image of socially responsible companies. The list of raw technological innovations included fortification, mixing, and flour dying. The authors calculated the profits of management innovations, e.g. flour quality assessment in outsourcing laboratories.
Conclusion. The results can help flour milling enterprises to expand the profile of their activities and increase the competitiveness
Keywords Digital technologies, innovations, management, competitiveness, grain and flour market, milling enterprises, quality indicators, software
Artice information Received June 1, 2020
Accepted June 26, 2020
Available online June 29, 2020
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