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Milk Processing Technology Using Zeolite

The present research features the effect of technological parameters of zeolite filtration on the content of vitamins, minerals, and physico-chemical and sensory properties of milk. The zeolite was obtained from the Tarbagatai deposit (East of Kazakhstan). The authors developed a flow chart for a comprehensive experimental study of the tech-nological process. According to the developed technological scheme, the milk went through a filter containing 100–200 g of zeolite, under pressure at a pump speed of 300–400 rpm. When the frequency of the pump rpm was increased to 400 rpm, it resulted in a significant change in the content of minerals and vitamins A and E in the milk. However, the filtration triggered a decrease in the content of iron, zinc, and phosphorus ions, while the content of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium increased. The content of vitamin A after the filtration decreased from 24 to 23.9–23.8 mg per 100 lilers of milk, while the content of vitamin E decreased from 0.097 to 0.095–0.092 mg per 100 liters of milk. Thus, the filtration process affected the physicochemical parameters of the milk: the frequency of the pump speed reached 400 rpm, and the content of zeolite in the filters increased up to 150 g and 200 g, while the titrated acidity fell down to 15°T. The sensory properties of the milk did not change during the filtration process. The optimal parameters for zeolite filtration of milk were established as follows: pump speed = 300 rpm; pump volumetric capacity = 10 l/min or 600 l/h; zeolite content = 200 g (80% of the filter volume).
Milk, natural zeolite, sorption-filtering material
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