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To calculate aspiration networks and select standard equipment it is necessary to know the magnitude of pressure loss in the unit’s individual elements. To determine the effect of various design features of the classifier rotor on its hydraulic resistance an experimental unit and technique of experimental research are developed, and instrumentation is chosen as well. Experimental studies at various consumption and kinematic parameters of separation process of polydisperse materials into fractions and various structural features of the classifier operating unit are carried out. It is found that with an increase in the number of rotor blades and the angle of bend the classifier hydraulic resistance increases. The experimental data processing resulted in the equations describing the dependence of hydraulic resistance of the classifier as Euler’ criterion from airflow and rotor speed as modified Reynolds criterion for various values of blade bend angle and blade number. In addition, the dependence reflecting the effect of blade bend angle on hydraulic resistance of the unit in the form of the blade bend coefficient is obtained allowing us to define this parameter for geometrically similar systems. These equations simplify the process of engineering calculation of the centrifugal classifier for separating polydisperse powders and they can be used in the design of similar systems for specific process requirements at food enterprises.
Hydraulic resistance, centrifugal qualifier, Euler's criterion, modified Reynolds criterion
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