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The growth of the Russian market of public catering in 2012 was 12.8% and was ahead of the world averages in terms of monetary value. However, the development of Russian catering market is still not sufficient, especially in regions situated far from Moscow and St. Petersburg. In this article, the main trends in the market of catering in regions are presented. At various stages of the research the objects of study were the data of statistical reports (2007-2013), the catering market in Kemerovo (2013). In the analysis of theoretical positions, the methods of organization, classification, modeling, comparison and generalization have been applied. It has been established that there are no objective prerequisites for the rapid development of the industry in Kemerovo: the population and its consumer ability over the years have not changed significantly. However, the turnover of public catering has increased by 35%. Workplace provision in catering for the given period has increased by 55%, and by 2013 it was 90.5% of the average norm of 40 seats per 1,000 inhabitants. This fact indicates that in Kemerovo the competition in the catering market is high, which encourages companies to implement strategic management and modern management systems and to literally fight for every client. As a result, it has been determined that the purpose of catering market in the region is to meet the needs of population and visitors in quality food services on the basis of modern standards of attendance, availability of price and location for all categories of citizens.
Catering, catering market structure, prospects of the industry
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