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Agricultural Technology for Phytophage and Phytopathogen Resistant Planting Material

Many seedlings die early during reforestation. Traditional bareroot technologies often fail in Western Siberia. As a result, containerized technologies have become relevant as they provide higher survival rate in the harsh climatic conditions.
The study traced the development of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings grown in a container nursery in the Kemerovo Region. The milled high-moor peat had a degree of decomposition of ≤ 15%. The seeds were treated with fungicides before planting. The seedlings underwent a double treatment against phytophages and phytopathogens during growth.
The article introduces a new agricultural technology for ball-rooted planting stock resistant to phytophages and phytopathogens. The study revealed the developmental stages of pine seedlings and the effect of pesticides on pathogen count. After phytosanitary monitoring and preventive treatments, the seedlings were tested for the effectiveness of pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides as part of pre-planting seed treatment. Such biochemical preparations as Fitoverm (0.4%), Decis Pro, Previkur Energy, and Fitosporin increased the survival rate of the test seedlings. The biological effectiveness of the experimental treatment was 49–53 and 44–50%.
The technology was able to improve the survival rate of pine seedlings in forest container nurseries in the harsh climate of West Siberia.
Land reclamation, reforestation, seedlings, closed root system, phytophages, phytopathogens
The study was part of Russian Federation Government Decree No. 1144-r, May 11, 2022, and a comprehensive scientific innovative program on New technologies in coal mining and processing: industrial safety and bioremediation, new products of deep coal processing, and reducing the environmental burden and hazards to populations (Clean Coal – Green Kuzbass); Stage 3.1: Eecological test-site of world-class reclamation and remediation technologies (Agreement No. 075-15- 2022-1200, September 28, 2022).
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Dyukova EA, Ulyanova EG, Osintseva MA, Kryuk VA. Agricultural Technology for Phytophage and Phytopathogen Resistant Planting Material. Food Processing: Techniques and Technology. 2023;53(4):807–815. (In Russ.). 
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