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The elaboration of scorecard system for assessment of food security, comparable to international assessment system, is necessary for the complex solution of the food security problems. In the article the comparative analysis of the approaches to the assessment of food security, applied by experts from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and State governmental authorities of the Russian Federation, is conducted. The generalities and the characteristics of the presented approaches consisting in different interpretations of the category «food security», various structures of factors, and lack of the uniform system of criteria for the assessment of food security are revealed. The assessment of food security in Russia based on the criteria offered by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and the factors stated in the Food Security Doctrine of the Russian Federation is given. The comparative assessment of the level and dynamics of food security factors in the USA, the Russian Federation and the least developed regions of the world for 1990-2013 is given. The proposals for improvement of the system of the food security assessment at the international level connected with the development of the system for the threshold values of food security with its division into the levels: standard, pre-crisis, crisis, critical, and connected with the introduction of additional factors for food security assessment at the national level for the purpose of ensuring comparability with international researches are made. First of all, it means the introduction of a factor group for assessment of the access to food and a factor group characterizing consequences of inadequate food consumption, first of all by children under the age of five.
Food security, food security factors, criteria of food security, threshold values of security factors
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