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The Use of the Device «Structurometer 1» for Testing Physico-mechanical Properties of the Crumb Formed during Bun Baking

Testing of physico-mechanical crumb properties of bun dough pieces baked at different temperatures has been carried out. The temperature in the centre of the dough pieces being baked has been controlled. Temperature change graphs of baking at different temperatures of a baking chamber have been designed. The organoleptic estimation results of physico-mechanical properties of the crumb heated during baking under different temperatures have been compared with the ones registered by the device called «Structurometer 1». From the results the possibility of using this device for testing physico-mechanical properties of the crumb formed has been concluded. The device can also be applied for defining the crumb baking final phase. Stabilization of the elastic and plastic deformation relationship value has been shown as the factor of the crumb formation final phase.
Baking, crumb, temperature, physico-mechanical properties, deformation, structurometer
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