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New Production Technology for Nutritionally Enhanced Bakery Products

The paper features nutritionally enhanced bakery products. N.I. Vavilov Saratov State Agricultural University conducts a series of research on the development of accelerated technologies for nutritionally enhanced bakery products. One of the main objectives of food industry is to develop healthy bakery products. Small power bakeries located in places of high demand are getting very popular. Mini-bakeries specialize in complementing products, e.g. malt rye bread and sweet rolls, as well as dietary, functional, and preventive bakery products. In Russia, apple juice is cheap and available, since apples are extremely widespread. Nevertheless, apple juice is rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and organic acids. The authors developed an accelerated technology for bakery products fortified with apple juice. The technology can be used by small enterprises that would like to expand their product range with the help of domestic fortifiers. The experiment involved samples of cold technology bread, in which water was partially substituted with apple juice. The samples were tested on sensory, physical, and chemical properties. The article describes the effect of apple juice on the structural and mechanical characteristics of the samples, i.e. viscosity, shear velocity, crumb, shelf life, rheological properties, general and plastic deformation, etc. The research revealed that apple juice affects the discoloration of the bakery product, i.e. degree of whiteness, chromaticity, and other color characteristics. Consumer properties were tested by panelists. The experiment defined the nutrition value and chemical composition of the product and established the optimal dosage of apple juice in the formulation, which could maintain the best consumer properties and satisfy the daily requirement for nutrients. Thus, bakery products fortified with apple juice can contribute to the development of baking industry.
Bread, juice, technologies, color, deformation, porosity, taste
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