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1 Маюрникова Л. А., Кокшаров А. А., Крапива Т. В., Новоселов С. В. Food Fortification as a Preventive Factor of Micronutrient Deficiency 50 1 2020
2 Белякова З. Ю. Organic products: the Current Legal Forms of Production and Turnover Support 48 3 2018
3 Сурай Н. М., Диброва Ж. Н., Сагина О. А., Орлов Б. Л. Modern condition and development prospects for agricultural consumer cooperation in the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation 48 1 2018
4 Брюханов М. А., Ермолаев В. А., Третьякова Н. Г. RESEARCH ON FORMS OF MOISTURE LINKS IN SEMI-HARD CHEESES 39 4 2015
5 Ермолаева Е. О., Подзорова Г. А., Плешкова Н. А., Австриевских А. . Technological support of innovative projects in the production of biologically active additions 16 1 2010